Section 1 - Organisation/Aim/Collaborations and Sponsors

• Centro di Cooperazione Culturale is holding the first edition of the Young European Film Critic’s Prize: Young and Innocent (YAI) at, in association with Effettonotte online ( and Cineuropa (

• Through YAI, we aim to bring about the promotion of writing to create a space for young film enthusiasts to communicate through film analysis and debate cinematographic works. With these competitions, we intend to promote critical writing on the web and create a forum for debate, interpretation, and alternative approaches to writing and analysis.

Section 2 - Procedure and timings

• The competition will run from 15th March, 2012 until 15th September, 2012 (inclusive) at and is open to all young European citizens aged between 18 and 28 (at the time of publication). In order to apply, the entrant must complete and send an application form located on the Young and Innocent website, attaching his or her entry article along with the necessary requested information. Essays and reviews will be accepted in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Each article must have one single author. The Young and Innocent editorial team, made up of staffers from the magazines Effettonotte online and Cineuropa, will assess the entry, which may be published on the website at any given time within the competition period. Only published articles will qualify for entry for the final prize. During the competition period, the same author is permitted to enter with a maximum of two articles for each competition category.

Entry is free of charge. All articles entered must be previously unpublished essays and/or reviews, under penalty of disqualification. The Young and Innocent editorial team will not respond to any entries containing plagiarism or improper conduct for which competition entrants will be held criminally liable.

• All articles received by the Young and Innocent editorial team are considered to be collaborative pieces intended for publication in the magazines Effettonotte online and Cineuropa, free of charge. Consequently, these magazines also have the right to potentially publish the material depending on its fulfillment of all requirements, as well as conformity to the correct editorial style.

• Any winner of a previous edition of Giovane e Innocente (Italy only) will not be eligible to take part in the YAI competition.

Section 3 - Methods of entry

• The following methods of entry are open to contestants:

  1. The In-deep: An essay examining a film which explores the history of cinema. Alternatively, a comparative study between film and other media will also be accepted, but the essay must include an in-depth study of one or more films, or of one or more film sequences.
  2. The Cult: A short article on a film that explores the history of cinema. The term “cult” should be taken in a general rather than literal sense, for example, a film from a previous era which the contestant feels strongly about. Article length must not exceed 2 typewritten A4 pages (approximately 3,600 words).
  3. The Review: For this prize, a review of a contemporary film (made in 2011/2012) will be accepted. The article(s) must be no longer than 2 typewritten A4 pages (approximately 3,600 words). NB article 3: Article length specifications are referential guides for the editorial team and participants. In each case, the publication of each article is at the discretion of the editorial team.

Section 4 - Prizes

300 euros for the best essay, 200 euros for the best review and cult film review.

Travel to Strasbourg for the best journalists during Lux Prize.

• For all winning articles, translations and publications on the partner webzines and Cinecritica, magazine of SNCCI.

Section 5 - Judging Panel

• On the agreed deadline (15th September 2012), entries will be assessed by a panel composed of the following individuals:

  1. Jean Roy (Fipresci)
  2. Silvio Alovisio  (Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino)
  3. Steffen Moestrup (Film critic for Le Monde Diplomatique, Dox Magazine and Indiewire)
  4. Ruggero Eugeni (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano e Brescia)
  5. William Brown (Lecturer in Film at the University of Roehampton of London)
  6. Ileana Bîrsan (Film editor at Be Where!)
  7. Nevina Satta (Los Angeles Film Travelling School, Professor at Catholic University of Brescia) 

N.B. The panel, whose work is strictly confidential, will decide on the winning articles and have the power to award commendations (without further prizes) to any article deemed worthy. The panel reserves the right to withdraw the prize if the published material in its entirety is not deemed to be sufficiently relevant.

Section 6 - Credits

• YAI has been produced by Centro di Cooperazione Culturale in association with Effettonotte online, UCCA (The Union of Italian Film Clubs) and Cineuropa, with the contribution of the Region of Piedmont and MIBAC.

• YAI is sponsored by: The National Museum of Film, Turin; Film Commission Turin Piedmont; DAMS Cinema of the University of Turin; STARS of the Catholic University of Brescia; DI.CO.SPE (Department of Communications and Theatre) of Roma Tre University, University of Cagliari, University of Roehampton (London), FIPRESCI and SNCCI (National Syndicate of Italian Film Critics), Next Festival Romania, BeWhere!, 16:9, and MUBI.